Meet the Owner, Laura Schubart

Hi everyone! 
I’m Laura and I’m the founder and CEO of Luxe and Lu, a Colorado based online boutique that offers 100% authentic luxury athletic wear at a discount. At this time I am focused on bringing you all of your Lululemon favorites at a great price and other brands may be added in the future! 
As a woman in recovery, finding something that I was passionate about AND that boosted my self-confidence was crucial to my journey in becoming a healthier, stronger and happier person. My passion goes beyond clothing and is centered around lifting others up by touching their hearts with love and positivity. 
I started this company with a mission of changing the conversation surrounding shopping and empowering women and men of all sizes to love, appreciate and invest in themselves. Why? Because, YOU ARE WORTH IT. Shopping can be more than just a transaction, it’s an opportunity to reward yourself and to invest in the way your favorite clothing makes you FEEL. When we feel good about ourselves, we can conquer anything. 
Wearing Lululemon inspired me to start taking better care of myself and empowered me to feel confident in my body. It’s something I put on that increases my happiness and self esteem. Feeling confident in my own body and in my favorite clothes can lead to a more productive day, an elevated sense of self worth & love and positive changes in my life. 
I strive to to inspire and encourage others to embrace themselves for who they are authentically.. We are all beautifully unique.  Shopping is a form of self expression and self love. I have noticed that too often we feel we aren’t deserving of that new pair of leggings or that new outfit. But if that outfit is going to make you feel like a million bucks when you put it on, isn’t that priceless? 
I look forward to continuously expanding the selection that I offer in order to bring you to most comprehensive experience. I am always available to answer questions using the chat feature or on any of my social media platforms. Getting to know you is one of the aspects of my business that brings me the most joy! I love my customers! Without you, this dream would still just be a dream. 
For more inspiration, exclusive offers and gently used Lululemon at an even deeper discount, join the Luxe and Lu Facebook group!
Thank you for your support! I look forward to sharing my love of Lululemon with you!